How can I measure the angular velocity in a belt pulley?

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Hello, I'm trying to measure the angular velocity in a simple belt pulley system. But the simulation give me this Error "Trouble solving algebraic equations in differential-algebraic system. Singular iteration matrix encountered with step size 0.2 at time 0.0. Try tightening the error tolerances. If the problem persists, check the model structure and values of parameters." Help me please

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Julia Antoniou
Julia Antoniou on 26 Oct 2017
Hi Emidio,
This error happens when the solver is unable to solve the system's differential equations. I believe you can resolve this error by making the following changes:
  • Use an "Ideal Torque Source" block instead of an "Ideal Angular Velocity Source" block. This will provide the pulley with the force it needs to move, instead of just giving it a velocity value as input. The pulley will have velocity as a result of the applied torque.
  • In the parameters dialog for the "Solver Configuration" block, choose to use a local solver.
Additionally, I would add a very small, negative initial deformation value for the springs. You can do this by going to the block parameters dialog for the spring, clicking on the "variables" tab, selecting "deformation", and entering a value (such as -0.005 m). It is also worth noting that the model shown above displays the angular displacement in the scope block. If you would like to measure the angular velocity, connect your "PS-Simulink" converter block to the "W" port of the "Ideal Rotational Motion Sensor".
If you have further questions when creating your simulation, the MathWorks demo "sdl_power_window" would be a great reference. See the link below to read more about this example model:

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