Plot lat longs on a Map from Simulink during rum time

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Hello ,
Is there any way to plot (Lat and longs on some sort of Map (or) Google Earth ) directly from Simulink during run time.
I am getting lat longs from my model which i need to visualize on a map during run time. Is this possible ? I am under assumption that the simulation engine is fast and MAP cannot cope up with it untill unless someone has a workaround for it.

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Julia Antoniou
Julia Antoniou on 27 Oct 2017
I would recommend creating your plot using written MATLAB code in a MATLAB Function block. This way, you can create and update your plot in MATLAB while your Simulink model is running.
To update the same figure with each execution of the MATLAB Function block during the simulation, use the commands "drawnow" and "hold on" as part of your function.
The Mapping Toolbox could also be useful for this case. The link below shows an example of plotting latitudes and longitudes on a map using the Mapping Toolbox.

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