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Make .NET dll from a function that uses MEX-Files

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Peyman Ghasemi
Peyman Ghasemi on 29 Oct 2017
Hi all;
I want to create a .NET dll from my MATLAB code to use it in a C# .NET program. Problem is that I have used some MEX-Files in my MATLAB code and when I create .NET dll and use it in the C#, I got this error:
An unhandled exception of type 'System.Exception' occurred in MWArray.dll
Additional information:
System.Exception was unhandled
... MWMCR::EvaluateFunction error ...
Invalid MEX-file 'C:\Users\ETCCO5\AppData\Local\Temp\PG\mcrCache9.1\TestME0\Users\ETC_pc\Desktop\kyamagu-mexopencv-8d109eb\+cv\adaptiveThreshold.mexw64': The specified module could not be found..
Error in => TestMEXinDLL.m at line 5.
... Matlab M-code Stack Trace ...
file C:\Users\PG\AppData\Local\Temp\ETCCO5\mcrCache9.1\TestME0\TestMEXinDLL\TestMEXinDLL.m, name TestMEXinDLL, line 5.
Does anyone knows about this? In fact, is that possible to make dll from functions using MEX-files?


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