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I need help modeling a Temperature controller for a furnace with PID on Matlab and SIMULINK with several conditions

Asked by Mohamed Chaouechi on 30 Oct 2017
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Temperature controller with PID on Matlab and SIMULINK Initial temperature 25 Deg 25Deg to 650 Deg (0.5 Deg/Min) 650Deg-1600 Deg (100Deg/hr) 1600 Deg constant 50h 1600Deg-1000Deg (100Deg/hour) 1000Deg - 200Deg (15h) 200Deg-25Deg (5h) I need assistance with the matlab code and the SIMULINK Block


Share the simulink model(Export to R2017a)
Still struggling with the SIMUlINK model , I don't know how to change the rate of degree addition in each interval of time .
You just share the simulink model and I can be a lot helpful to you.

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Answer by Yogananda Jeppu on 11 Nov 2017
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You can use a rate limiter with variable limits. Put a logic to check the output temperature of the plant and change the rate limiter limit input. This will provide you the commands with the desired rates. Make the model with the simulation time suitably selected. Your time is in hours. Make an initial model and post it. Someone will review it and comment. Only way to learn.