How do I scale my gui to a pdf without loosing some visual data?

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Mikkel Ibsen
Mikkel Ibsen on 31 Oct 2017
Answered: Mary Abbott on 2 Nov 2017
I have this gui where i want to print it to a pdf file so I can use it as an appendix. But when I try to print it, it changes my table column names where it doesnt show everyting. I've taken a screenshot of the pdf print and the gui program infront. The only thing i want to do is to make the pdf look like the gui, without resizing it or anything. If i make it a png file it works, (but flips it 90 degrees). But there it doesnt change the column width so the user can read the hole thing.
So my question: How do I make my gui fit inside a A4 pdf landscape plot without changing anything?
Best regards Mikkel Ibsen

Accepted Answer

Mary Abbott
Mary Abbott on 2 Nov 2017
It looks like the column names are being printed in the PDF in a mono-spaced font instead of the font used in the GUI. This is a known issue in some releases of MATLAB. Some possible workarounds are:
1. If your computer is able to print to a PDF from the basic printing menu, then you can use that to avoid the mono-spacing. To do this, first make the menu bar visible in your GUI by executing the following:
f = paelegui; % get handle to GUI
% configure GUI however you would like to print it
set(f, 'MenuBar', 'figure');
Then, go to File > Print and print to a PDF from that menu.
2. Print to a different format such as PNG, as you were doing before. You can correct the 90 degree rotation by setting the "PaperOrientation" property of the figure to "portrait":
set(f, 'PaperOrientation', 'portrait')

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