How to set colorbar seperately for subplot?

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Genhou on 13 Nov 2017
Commented: KL on 14 Nov 2017
Dear all,
I am frustrated when I trying to setup colorbars separaterly for the subplots in one figure. I will be appreciate for any help.
The difficult is that I trying to give a independent colorbar to each subplot. It is much easier for the matlab 2012 and earlier, but it is much complex for the matlab 2016, which I am using now.
The problem is that it seems the colorbar of subplot 1 does not belong to subplot 1. If I change the range of colorbar of subplot 1, then the ranges of other colorbar change as well. So my question is how to set the colorbar so that the colorbar of one subplot ONLY impacts on the subplot and not on the others? By the way, the range of each subpplot is different that of the other.

Accepted Answer

KL on 13 Nov 2017
Try using handles, that way you have control over which colorbar you're accessing,
[X,Y] = meshgrid(-5:.5:5);
Z = X.^2 + Y.^2;
h1 = surf(Z);
c1 = colorbar;
c1.Limits = [20 50];
h2 = surf(peaks);
c2 = colorbar;
c2.Limits = [-6 8];
KL on 14 Nov 2017
That's strange, I tested it on a 2015a version and it still works fine. Do not try it on your actual program, just try this piece of code and see if the same thing occurs?

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