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Data resampling issue on plotting

Asked by Joseph Stalin on 14 Nov 2017
Latest activity Commented on by Joseph Stalin on 14 Nov 2017
Hello Users, I got a problem of resampling data.
My mat file consists of voltage data(V) of 46483 samples. My current (I) data contains 93232 samples. So the ratio b/w the length of V vs I data is... 2.0057 I am given the task of down-sample the voltage data to match current data and plot V vs I.
I tried using re-sample but that it didn't work or I am not sure how to use this for my purpose..
Please help me how to do solve this problem?
Thx in Advance for your time and help..
regards, Joseph


Can you share your data in a mat file?
I would normally just use interp1, but it would depend on what that does to the data.
Thx Guys.. Please find the mat file attached and zipped.. @Adam, Not sure how will to use interp1 for this.. Please explain me..

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