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Connect IP-Camera to Matlab

Asked by Kosai
on 27 Apr 2012

I am trying to access a Live Video Stream from an IP-Camera using Matlab 7.8.0(R2009), my IP-Camera is (Dinion IP - NWC-0495 from Bosch).

1- How can I get the Connection in case that Matlab supports this functionality?

2- Are there any API-Functions or Interfaces to get the Connection?

thanks in advance, Kosai


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1 Answer

Answer by Walter Roberson
on 27 Apr 2012
 Accepted Answer

Unfortunately that camera uses MPEG-4 streaming video, which MATLAB is not able to decode (new MATLAB versions support MPEG-4 encoded files but not streaming video.) You would have to have the data received by an MPEG-4 decoder and then access that decoded data.

The documentation hints that the MS Windows MPEG4 decoder that Bosch provides might be accessible via Active-X.

Instrument Control Toolbox provides the TCP/IP support, or you can use the MATLAB File Exchange contribution "tcpudpip".

Trawling through the piles of documentation in my mind, I seem to recall that the MATLAB version you are using is too old to have any direct IP Camera support, but that you should still be able to use tcp objects to send it commands.

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Actually i have used the Instrument-Control-Toolbox to get a Connection but unfortuantly the time-cost of Data Flow is rather high because i am trying to make Motion Detection throgh this IP-Cam so i need the vid Object with all its attributes in a way like (image-acquisition-toolboxs's way "pick the vid and make Processing") ...

The Idea with Active-X could be a Solution as you suggested, i will try it !!. thank you for replay

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