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condition for structure class

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ha ha
ha ha on 23 Nov 2017
Edited: ha ha on 26 Nov 2017
Let's say:
A : 4x1 structure class
A= Field1 :[1000x1 double],
Field2 : [2x1 double],
Field3 : [5x1 double],
Field4 : [1x1 double]
A= Field1 : [1;2;3...;1000],
Field2 : [99;11],
Field3 : [44;11;33;88;66],
Field4 : [77]
Question: I wanna implement the condition as follow:
If ......[the length of each field in structure A < 5]......
How can I write the condition :[the length of each field in structure A < 5] ?
length of field1= 1000
length of field2= 2
length of field3= 5
length of field4= 1

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 24 Nov 2017
arrayfun(@(S) all(structfun(@length, S) < 5), A)
ha ha
ha ha on 24 Nov 2017
Thank so much @Walter Roberson

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