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How could i know if there's still NaN in a matrix?

Asked by Isti
on 29 Apr 2012
For example, i have a matrix like this: A:
2 1 4 5 2
3 4 5 6 2
5 3 NaN 3 NaN
4 2 1 9 3
7 1 8 2 4
My pseudocode is like this:
while there's still NaN in a matrix A
%i will do the process here to fill the Nan
then, this process will stop until there's no NaN in matrix A again.
What to do? Thanks before :')


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1 Answer

Answer by Walter Roberson
on 29 Apr 2012

hasnan = any(isnan(A(:)));
while hasnan
%fill a nan at this point
hasnan = any(isnan(A(:)));
In your earlier version of this question (which you deleted after I responded :( ) you were filling the NaN with a constant value, 10 in your example. If all of the NaN are to be filled with the same value, then the code can be simplified to
A(isnan(A)) = TheConstantValue;


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it comes into looping forever when i try it :(
If it is looping forever then you have not filled in at least one nan at the place I put the comment; my comment corresponds to your pseudocode "%i will do the process here to fill the Nan".
ok. thank you. i can get it now :)

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