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time series prediction and regression

Asked by Abolfazl Nejatian on 26 Nov 2017
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Hi everyone
I’m electrical master engineer student that working on time series prediction actually my work focus on predicting the load of electrical consumption on network. in my previous work I used the ANFIS model, and now I'm going to use the LSTM model. but unfortunately, as you know Matlab doesn't support the LSTM regression model. so ive three question, the first one is, are there any chances to achieve this feature in the next generation of Matlab? I mean in Matlab 2018a. and the second question is, if I want to use some deep learning algorithms in my work, which algorithms are your recommendation? and the last question is, I’ve prepared my time series data in 4-dimension to use in CNN, is this work true?
your truly
Abolfazl Nejatian


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