how do i plot this 4-D double matrix?

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roberto ivan perez luna
roberto ivan perez luna on 28 Nov 2017
Answered: Walter Roberson on 28 Nov 2017
hello again, i have this files that i extracted from my hydrodynamic simulation on delft3d, but i need to actually see them as a whole, since i already extracted the particular data i needed.
Name Size Bytes Class Attributes
X 1x71x42x6 143136 double
Y 1x71x42x6 143136 double
Zp1 2500x71x42x6 357840000 double
Zp2 2500x71x42x6 357840000 double
Zp3 2500x71x42x6 357840000 double
Zp4 1284x71x42x6 183786624 double
a4_salin_6c_p1 2500x71x42x6 357840000 double
a4_salin_6c_p2 2500x71x42x6 357840000 double
a4_salin_6c_p3 2500x71x42x6 357840000 double
a4_salin_6c_p4 1284x71x42x6 183786624 double
dt_p1 2500x1 40001 datetime
dt_p2 2500x1 40001 datetime
dt_p3 2500x1 40001 datetime
dt_p4 1284x1 20545 datetime
jd_p1 2500x1 20000 double
jd_p2 2500x1 20000 double
jd_p3 2500x1 20000 double
jd_p4 1284x1 10272 double
so how can i plot ?
any ideas, i am a newbie and i dont know coding, so please something detailed :) thanks
roberto ivan perez luna
roberto ivan perez luna on 28 Nov 2017
yes, the layers are from vertical depth, 1 is at the surface and 6 is at the bottom.
and yes, there are NaN values, since not all of the 71x42 dimentions have values, because it is the surface of an estuary.
and like this one, since i have to show how well mixed it is.
any help, please ;)

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Answers (1)

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 28 Nov 2017
Use slice() to display in the form of the plot you have posted.

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