How to round decimals to other decimal values already defined

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Hello, I would like to request your support to know how to round certain decimal values to others closer. For example, if I have [0.359 0.679 0.890 0.5653] I would like to know how I can round up these values to only take the following [0.2 0.4 0.6 0.8] depending on the value in which they are. So for example 0.359 would be rounded to 0.4, 0.679 to 0.8, etc. The criterion in the example is: less than 0.65 is the value of the nearest smaller number that is 0.6 and greater than or equal to 0.65 is the value of the next higher number that would be 0.8

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KVM on 29 Nov 2017
This is a way of doing it! :
a = [0.359 0.679 0.890 0.5653];
b = [0.2 0.4 0.6 0.8];
newA =0;
for iLoop = 1:length(a)
c = b-a(iLoop);
d = c( c>=0 );%Keep only Positive Value
[e index] = min(d);
if ~isempty(d);
newA(iLoop) = e+a(iLoop);
newA(iLoop) =0; % Default Value
newA %Display Result
Display: newA =
0.4000 0.8000 0 0.6000
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Pilar Jiménez
Pilar Jiménez on 30 Nov 2017
Thank you very much, it is a way of doing it that I would have never considered it. It will definitely help me a lot.

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