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How do I communicate the structure-file that includes my data (i.e., the function, the guess solution, the boundary conditions etc.) with the .m file that includes the code that solves the system of equations?

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tzina kokkala
tzina kokkala on 30 Nov 2017
Closed: MATLAB Answer Bot on 20 Aug 2021
Hello everyone. I have a code that solves a boundary value problem with a test PDE using bvp4c. My aim is to make this code more general (i.e., a code that does not contain the function, the conditions etc.) using a structure file such that by changing only the data in the structure-file and not the code, I can solve different systems.
More specifically, there are 4 .m-files in my code in which I define my data (such as: equations, boundary conditions, the guess for my solution and so on). I would like to make the code such that when I want to solve another system with different data, instead of changing them inside the file, I can change them outside with the help of structures. So far I learned how to make/save a structure.
I have zero experience with structures and I did not find a tutorial that gives me a similar-idea example to gain insight. (Can very well be that I did not look at the right places.) My problem is just that I do not know what commands to use so that I can pass the information (included in each structure) to a specific place in my .m file. I feel a little confused. To sum my questions up:
  • Is my aim possible at all?
  • Could you provide me (if possible) with an example of similar nature or with material(/link to a similar question -sorry if my question is a repeat-) where I can learn how to use structures and make them interact with other code?
Thank you very much in advance.

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