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How to plot two signals in Simulink

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Álvaro Salcedo
Álvaro Salcedo on 4 Dec 2017
Edited: Yukthi S on 22 Apr 2024
Hello to all,
I would like to plot two signals at the same time in Simulink. The same behaviour that XY Graph but with twoi signals.
So I have two signals which in each step they have; X1 Y1, X2 Y2. So I would like to plot those two signals in the same graph when I run simulink.
Is it posible?
Thanks a lot

Answers (1)

Yukthi S
Yukthi S on 19 Apr 2024
Edited: Yukthi S on 22 Apr 2024
Hi Alvaro
You can plot multiple signals within the same plot using “Simulation Data Inspector” available in Simulink. To achieve this:
  1. First you need to Identify and select the signals in your model that you want to analyze.
  2. Log those signals using “Log signals” in the tool strip.
  3. Run the model and open the data inspector.
The same process is clearly explained in the below documented example:


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