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Convert cfit model to C code

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Tony Tse
Tony Tse on 7 Dec 2017
Edited: Tony Tse on 7 Dec 2017
How do I convert a cfit object (piecewise polynomial) and export that to standard C code as a function? I want to run the function from a microcontroller.
I am only interested in the value and not the other methods. I have attached the foo.mat which contains the cfit object and the script that I use to call it.
I should have an entry point function somehow with the model?
Edit: Alternatively I can reconstruct the piecewise polynomial model as a function. I would also like to know for future reference, whether I can export other curve fitting algorithm from Matlab into C? Such as Lev-mar (parametric fitting)?

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Tony Tse
Tony Tse on 7 Dec 2017
I looked at it further and ended up extracting the breaks and coefs using unmkpp, which are hardcoded in my microcontroller. I converted mkpp and ppval into C. Hopefully this will work well.
I am still wondering about parametric curve fitting in C though.

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