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I cannot get MATLAB to see my beaglebone black

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Kurt Stewart
Kurt Stewart on 7 Dec 2017
Answered: Manish M on 27 Jun 2019
Hello, My beaglebone black is connection is verified using the BBB website, although MATLAB and Embedded Encoder cannot see it. I have installed both support packages. In MATLAB I say bbb=beaglebone and it tells me the following:
_Cannot establish an SSH connection to the board with device address "", user name "root", password "". Check if device address, user name and password are correct._
I tried resetting using the 30-30-30 rule:
The error still occurs. If anyone has help on this that would be great!

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Manish M
Manish M on 27 Jun 2019
Hi Kurt,
I know this is a late reply but this might be useful for someone else. For MATLAB to detect your Beaglebone you've to install the necessary drivers on the host.
Have you installed the required drivers for Beaglebone Black on your Windows machine? For 64 bit machine:

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