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scroll within an uipannel that has multiple checboxes

Asked by susana
on 11 Dec 2017
Latest activity Edited by Adam
on 11 Dec 2017
Hello, I'm trying to create a fixed figure that may have multiple check boxes within it. I've created a pannel to aggregate all the check boxes. These check boxes are dependent on the data user is loading into the GUI - so these variables are not fixed. The problem is that when I have lots of variables, user cannot see all of them displayed. I think that the best solution is to use a scroll bar, but I dont know how to build its callback. Attached you can see a piece of code with my problem. Can anyone help me? Best regards, Susana

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Best option is probably to search on file exchange for scrolling panels. I'm pretty sure there are numerous examples there. I wrote my own based on some logic I saw somewhere I forget now because I rarely like 3rd party code for something I want to extend with my own functionality, but if you just want a basic scrolling panel you should be able to get a ready working one off file exchange.

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