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How to Compile a UDP Send/Receive Block in IPG Car Maker PLugin Modell?

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Sayed Raiq
Sayed Raiq on 12 Dec 2017
Closed: Walter Roberson on 26 Dec 2020
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Hello Matlab Community,
I try to integrate UDP Signals in the Environment of IPG Car Maker with the Plugin Modell. First I did the Connection with CarMaker for Simulink and the Communication works but the Simulation is lame. When I using the same UDP Block for the CM Plugin Modell the Build procees completed succesfully but it didn't works.
CarMaker creates additionally two more files in the mymodel_Carmaker_rtw folder when using a UDP Block, the
  • Hostlib_rtw.o and
  • Hostlib_Network.o
Inside the Hostlib_rtw.o is some compiled code and
..use the packnGo function.. ..libcreate libstart..libdestroy Could not determine function entry Points in Error..
Inside the Hostlib_Network.o is also some compiled Code and
..networkdevice.dll GCC:(GNU) 5.1.0..Hostlib_Network.c..CreateUDPInterface _DestroyUDPInterface and so on.
The UDP Blocks I use, are from the Simulink Coder Library, I try it with TYPE Host and Windows.
Does anybody have a Solution for that issue?
Thank You!
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Vaibhav Arora
Vaibhav Arora on 12 Sep 2019
When building the Plug-in model, select the create pack n go function in solver configuration of Simulink. Unzip the created folder and find the dll files in the bin folder. You should place these dlls in the same folder where the CarMaker would be built (typically src). Should work.

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