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How to Combine two Cell Array to be 1 cell array?

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ha ha
ha ha on 16 Dec 2017
Commented: ha ha on 16 Dec 2017
Let's say:
A : 1x3 cell class
A={cell_1, cell_2, cell_3, }
A={[2x1 double],[5x1 double],[3x1 double]}
B : 1x2 cell class
B={cell_1, cell_2, }
B={[10x1 double],[12x1 double]}
How can i combine A & B to be only one cell C?
C : 1x5 cell class
C={cell_1, cell_2, cell_3, cell_4, cell_5 }
C={[2x1 double],[5x1 double],[3x1 double],[10x1 double],[12x1 double]}

Accepted Answer

YT on 16 Dec 2017
Edited: YT on 16 Dec 2017
It's pretty easy really. Here an example:
A = {rand([2 1]),rand([5 1]),rand([3 1])};
B = {rand([10 1]),rand([12 1])};
C = [A B]; %adds cell B to A


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