How to edit font size of Simulink dashboard blocks?

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I'm using Dashboard blocks in my Simulink model which has been really helpful for making a nice user interface. However, the size of the text (of both the content and the block label) is very small and hard to read. When I zoom in to try and magnify it, the text seems to auto-adjust so that the size remains constant despite the zoom, as seen in the below image (the right screenshot is the same Dashboard block after zooming in).
Right-clicking and going to Format > Font Style for Selection only modifies the standard block label (the large "Edit16" text seen in the above image).
Is there a setting somewhere to control the font size of the Dashboard block text itself?
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Garrett Heinen
Garrett Heinen on 24 Jun 2020
I'm having the same exact issue in the 2020a version, however, it's even worse since screen resolution has improved over the last couple years. All the engineers using the dashboard blocks need to sit <12inches away from the screen to read the data.
Can we please fix/solve this Mathworks?

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Rob Brecher
Rob Brecher on 16 Dec 2020
Hi Garrett,
From the screenshot you originally provided, it looks like you were using the Edit block to add a user interface to your Simulink model and running into issues with font sizes. You're correct that in older versions of Simulink adjusting font size for Dashboard blocks was not supported.
In 2018a or later, you should be able to adjust the font size of most dashboard blocks by right-clicking on the block and selecting Format > Font Style for Selection, or by selecting the block and using the Format tab at the top of the Simulink window. Here's an example:
In addition, development has been working on the scaling issue you also mentioned, and in an upcoming release (likely to be 2021a) the behavior should match what you're expecting, where the font size of the Dashboard block increases with the zoom level of the Simulink editor.
In fact, there are a number of enhancements to Dashboard blocks that have been shipped as part of the 2021a prerelease, and should be available when 2021a is released to the general public. If you're interested, you can read about them in the 2021a prerelease notes (mentioned on page 1-7):
Thanks for the feedback on the Dashboard blocks!

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