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how to successfully build model s12x_ccp.mdl of S12X Demo Kit ( in MATLAB2014a (and later versions) ?

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Recently I'm learning the S12X Demo Kit (
There is a error when I try to build the model s12x_ccp.mdl of S12X Demo Kit ( in MATLAB2010a (and later versions).
Firstly, I have changed my directory to the source directory where unzipped and start the kit by typing run_demo at the MATLAB prompt.
And then the question is : I can successfully build the model s12x_ccp.mdl in MATLAB2009b, but not in MATLAB2010a.
In MATLAB2010a, when I click Start simulation button displayed in s12x_ccp.mdl model toolbar, Simulink will print the error, as follows:
Error in 's12x_ccp/CAN Calibration Protocol/DTO Processing/CCP/CAN Calibration Protocol': Initialization commands cannot be evaluated. No appropriate method, property, or field Configuration for class canlib.Signal.
In CAN Calibration Protocol block,the Initialization commands is :
%% between all signal objects if isnumeric(TOTAL_NUM_ODTS) && ~isempty(TOTAL_NUM_ODTS) tempVar = canlib.Signal; tempVar.Configuration.total_num_odts = TOTAL_NUM_ODTS; end;
I have tried to contact, but no response.
So, could you tell me how to resolve this problem ?

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