several kinds of gige error: unable to set packet size, blocks being dropped, getdata timed out and framesize changed

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Waveform Dai
Waveform Dai on 3 Jan 2018
Edited: qiang zhong on 5 Jun 2019
Setup: a GigE camera, a gigabit ethernet card, Matlab R2013a, Windows 7 Ultimate
Matlab function used: vid = videoinput('gige',1); start(vid); getdata(vid); stop(vid);
Problem statement: above combination used to work fine for quite a long time(about two years). But suddenly several kinds of error occured during the acquisition of images. Below are frequently occured errors:
1) unable to set packet size:
2) blocks/frame being dropped:
3) getdata timed out:
4) frame size changed
I tried to set src.PacketDelay and src.PacketSize according to answer provided in but it doesn't work.
So what might go wrong and I'm really appreciated if anyone can help me solve this problem.
More information:
1) ethernet card: the maximum size of jumbo frame is 7KB MTU, the maximum value of receive buffers is 512, and the Link Speed & Duplex has already been set to Auto Negotiation;
2) one acquisition will typically last for 10 minutes, which results in 12000 frames with frame rate set to 20 fps. I have already allocted memory before data acquisition.

Answers (1)

qiang zhong
qiang zhong on 4 Jun 2019
Edited: qiang zhong on 5 Jun 2019
(1)Add an code each time you open the vid object:imaqreset
(2)Set the value of packDelay

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