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Hi, Is it possible to train a Convolutional Neural Network for NxNxM inputs, where M is the size of the channel and is greater than 3?

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The Image Input layer of a convolutional neural network only takes in NxNx1 (gray scale) or NxNx3 (RGB). However my data is NxNx25, is there a way to train this sort of data with Matlab?

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Sindhu Yerragunta
Sindhu Yerragunta on 10 Jan 2018
Hi Vince,
As of now it is not possible to train a convolutional Neural Network to be able to work with more than 3 channels data.
This enhancement will be supported in one of the future releases of Neural Network Toolbox.
Vamshi Reddy
Vamshi Reddy on 20 Dec 2019
Is it possible in 2019a or 2019b???. Iam using 2018b.
I was unable to pass more than 3 channels from one layer to another layer which is a custom layer defined by me.
When I tried to pass 128 channels ,it is giving an error :
Error using builtin
Array inputs must share the same number of channels.
can u help me to fix this??? @Sindhu Yerragunta
Pedapudi Bharath Raja Bhoopal
@Sindhu Yerragunta
Can you please comfirm if multi channel is supported in latest matlab desktop version? (name the version)
I have observed that in matlab online, multichannel is acceptable for ImageInputLayer function.
inLayer=imageInputLayer([28 28 128])
inLayer =
ImageInputLayer with properties:
Name: ''
InputSize: [28 28 128]
DataAugmentation: 'none'
Normalization: 'zerocenter'
NormalizationDimension: 'auto'
Mean: []

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Zhiyi TANG
Zhiyi TANG on 27 Mar 2018


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