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How do I create a moving serial kinematic chain, with each body moving relativly to the prior?

Asked by Julian Ahlers on 10 Jan 2018


I am currently trying to model a kinematic chain using the Simscape Mutlibody Toolbox. The first actuated body is moving in Z-Direction (already working, using the prismatic joint (working with cartesian joint, too)). I want the next body in the kinematic chain to follow the movement of the first actuated body. However, this is only working when I do not specify a joint for the second body. How can I achieve this, when the second body should also have a joint for it's individual motion? The following image displays the main Simscape Model.

The second image displays the the content of the mask "Robot":

The "Base"- and "First Moving Body"-Masks have rigid transformation and the related bodys in the mask. All bodys are STEP-files.

The second moving element is not moving when the first body is moving. I want the second moving body to follow the movement of the first. How can I achieve this / what am I doing wrong?


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