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Print point numbers with velocities

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giometar on 15 Jan 2018
Answered: giometar on 15 Jan 2018
Hello I have data like this: PN x y vx vy R397 6358409 4976666 -0.35822 0.13043 R356 6358725 4981623 -0.31862 0.02681 R372 6362466 4971996 -0.17017 0.11630 How to plot point velocities with point numbers? Thanks for help.

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ANKUR KUMAR on 15 Jan 2018
I haven't get the your question completely. Upto my understanding, you are trying to plot something with respect to something.
If you want to put xtick lables by your own, then you can do,

giometar on 15 Jan 2018
Thanks, but this is not what I am looking for. I have points with x and y coordinates, and their velocities. I want to plot velocities and point numbers. When I use command quiver(x,y,vx,vy) it plots velocities without point numbers.

giometar on 15 Jan 2018
If someone else need it, here is answer for my question:
% Plot 2D point velocities and point numbers
% input 2D coordinates like matrix nx2 (in this case matrix p)
p = rand(10,2);
% Create labels for all points - point numbers
labels = cellstr( num2str([1:10]'));
% Plot point numbers
plot(p(:,1), p(:,2), 'rx')
text(p(:,1), p(:,2),labels, 'VerticalAlignment','bottom',...
hold on
% Plot velocities

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