How to connect ev3 lego robot to robotics operating system to perform path following

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Santosh Kumar
Santosh Kumar on 20 Jan 2018
Answered: Julia Antoniou on 25 Jan 2018
For my thesis work, one component requires doing path following using lego ev3 robot. For using pure pursuit algorithm of Matlab's robotics toolbox, the step is to initialize robot using rosinit function. please help me to connect the bot.
Cannot connect to ROS master at Check the specified address or hostname.

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Julia Antoniou
Julia Antoniou on 25 Jan 2018
Hi Santosh,
To connect with a LEGO EV3 robot, I would recommend using our MATLAB and Simulink Hardware Support Packages. The support packages include MATLAB functions and Simulink blocks that will help you quickly program the LEGO EV3. These support packages can be downloaded at the following links:
Then, you can easily connect to the LEGO EV3 using the step-by-step instructions on this documentation page .

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