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Graphical issues when opening an OpenGL program from MATLAB

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Zoltán Csáti
Zoltán Csáti on 24 Jan 2018
I use the finite element visualizer GLVis, based on OpenGL. When I run it from the terminal, it works as it should. However, when I open it from within MATLAB using the system command, the graphics is hardly visible, see here: . I observed the following:
  • It persists with different MATLAB versions and different Linux operating systems
  • The background is totally white except when there is something behind it (like in the second picture I attached).
  • If the background behind the openGL application is black, everything is totally fine.
  • I get no error messages when opening the program from MATLAB. The same console output is returned.
What can cause this behaviour? One ugly solution would be to create a full screen black patch plot in MATLAB and open the OpenGL program after it. Is there a better workaround?

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