MATLAB can't save changes to pathdef

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Deepa Gupta
Deepa Gupta on 25 Jan 2018
Commented: An Nguyen on 4 Nov 2018
I tried adding my third party toolboxes by changing pathdef.m as well as by using the GUI pathtool that we get from home ribbon>set path button. But it won't let me save changes to pathdef (error screenshot attached).
I tried to troubleshoot and then I re-installed MATLAB 2017b on my windows 10 and am still facing this issue. This problem has been reported back in 2014 here also:
I tried saving pathdef in a different location but the same error pops up again. Personally, I'd prefer editing pathdef.m file myself rather than going into the pathdef GUI tool because that gives me more control over defining the priority of my toolboxes in case there are some similar library-files, and also because it lets me chose the specific sub-folders I want rather than having to tediously select each of them one by one in the pathtool GUI along needing to scroll up and down in the small window to define the order. But since nothing is working here, any solution would be greatly appreciated.
Extra note: My pathdef.m is not read-only and I am running my matlab as an administrator.
Thanks in advance for your help.
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An Nguyen
An Nguyen on 4 Nov 2018
I'm also having the same problem, can anyone help?

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