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Why do my questions get very few views ?

Asked by farzad on 4 Feb 2018
Latest activity Commented on by farzad on 6 Feb 2018
Hi All
After the recent updates in the , I see no answers to my questions, does the website filter the questions ? are the rules changed?
I am refering to my questions asked after December 2017 :


@farzad: There is an ongoing discussion with the admins to find the problem. We will post it here, if the problem is fixed.
@farzad, if your account allows it you could raise a service request. Otherwise I'm afraid there's not really any way for you to get in touch directly with Mathworks.
Be assured that Mathworks is looking into the issue. I'll ask them to post a short message here. They may or may not do.
Thank you very much anyway

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3 Answers

Answer by Walter Roberson
on 4 Feb 2018

View counts are "last 30 days". Most of your questions are 2 to 5 years old, so they no longer get many views.
Your most recent question was only 3 hours ago, during the middle of a Saturday night, North American time.


I'm talking about my recent questions that are few days old
@farzad: Please do not let the readers search, if you know already, which threads you mean. Post the links to them here. This is part of making it as easy as possible for readers to understand, what you want.
I'm not able to find a question asked by you a few days ago. Therefore the time I've spent for searching was wasted.
Thank you, I added the links to all those questions I meant, I was frustrated while not receiving answers to any of these questions that have no peers in the website that I could follow

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Answer by John D'Errico
on 4 Feb 2018
Edited by John D'Errico
on 4 Feb 2018

Beyond what Walter said, your question may have a very ambiguous title. Like "Please help me". Nobody knows whether to bother looking, and for such an ambiguous title, they expect your problem will be a newbie one.
Or it may be clearly one where people know that you are confused as hell about what you are doing, just from reading the title. I avoid questions like that, because even if an answer exists, they always turn into long involved consulting problems, where multiple, unrelated questions get asked. And such a problem always seems to drift, because the person did not ask the real question they had in the first place.
Or it may simply be that you asked questions in the middle of the night, when most people who might have an answer were sound asleep. Or you asked questions on a weekend, or some major holiday when people have something better to do.
It may be that your question, while possibly well posed, is clearly one that only a very few people on this forum are able or interested in answering. It may be a problem that clearly is not even about MATLAB, in which case you should be posting your question on a forum where it would be on-topic. That greatly improves the odds of finding a match between problem and a potential solver.
Questions that are 3 years old are generally dead questions. And most of your questions date to 2015. Even if someone had the answer to a 3 year old untouched question, most of the time, the person asking it is no longer interested in the answer. So there is little reason for resurrecting a question into the walking dead.
Much of this will have been covered in this question itself:


Which is in the middle of the night here in the US.
@John: Good night. Time to sleep.
Good night to you as well , i have already edited my question , indicating 9 questions having the same situation, now I should try to upload my code to those questions and Jan indicated

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Answer by Jan
on 4 Feb 2018

No, the questions are not filtered. The rules have not been changed. If a question got a few views only, this means that only a few members opened the question. The reasons for this is either, that only a few users are active in the forum, which happens on some times of the day and some days of the week, or that the title of your question does not catch the attraction of the readers.
You see, there is no magic rule or behavior of the web site. Read your questions and compare them to threads with many views. See (which has 2000 views per month, by the way).

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I have updated my question and added the 9 questions that frustrated me

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