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How to structure the Dataset in separate classes??

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Mohammad Bhat
Mohammad Bhat on 21 Feb 2018
Commented: Bob Thompson on 21 Feb 2018
HI, I have a dataset in which classes (say 100) are put together in folders, each folder belonging to one particular writer, I have to put each class in a folder to separate class folders. for example, If I am doing handwritten numeral classification, for that dataset have ten folders (one folder for one writer) in which he has written numeral 1 to numeral 10 respectively for nine folders. Now I want to process each folder and make a class for each numeral in which first numeral should belong to one writer 2nd to second writer and so on....please help me out...
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Bob Thompson
Bob Thompson on 21 Feb 2018
A dataset of mixed class types similar to what I think you are asking for is best done with a cell or structure array.
Then again I could be totally wrong about what you're asking for.

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