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Jan Valdman
Jan Valdman on 23 Feb 2018
Answered: Jan on 23 Feb 2018
We are three persons in a team finishing up a Matlab package to upload. I already have an account, but my colleagues not. If they register as well, can we upload our package together and all three have the same access to it?
Or do we need to create on separate account instead, we share together?
Thank you, Jan Valdman Jan Valdman

Answers (2)

Jan on 23 Feb 2018
You can store the code on GitHub, where you can share an account, and create the submission in the FileExchange under just one personal account.

Guillaume on 23 Feb 2018
If you are talking to submissions to the FileExchange, then only one account can be the owner of the submission. So, yes if you want all three authors to be the owner, you'll have to create a shared account.


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