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How to form Adjacency matrix from CXX and CYY where CXX and CYY contains collectively some information??

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Mohammad Bhat
Mohammad Bhat on 25 Feb 2018
Commented: Jan on 25 Feb 2018
Hi, I have 100 x 100 binary image, I have made 2 x 2 grid on it, within each grid I am taking centre-of-mass of the white pixels if they have any white pixels else represent the grid as NaN.x-coordinate mean in CXX and Y coordinate mean in CYY.. To get a grph I am plotting :-
But I need Adjacency Matrix of a graph..How can I get that.....
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Jan on 25 Feb 2018
I cannot follow your descriptions. Please post an example input and the code. "I have mad a grid" can mean a variety of procedures. What does "represent the grid as NaN" mean? With some code it would be clear, what you are doing. But is the explanation needed at all? Maybe it is enough to state, that you have two vectors X and Y which contain coordinates and want the corresponding adjacency matrix? Does it matter, where the coordinates are coming from or that they are called "CXX"?

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Jan on 25 Feb 2018
As posted in your other thread already, the methods shown here should solve your problem:
You have commented: "No help". So please explain, why these methods do not help you. What is the difference between these solutions and what you need?
Jan on 25 Feb 2018
@Mohammad: You are welcome. The purpose of this forum is solving Matlab problem and this includes finding out, what the actual problems are.

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