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below is my shearlet code but error is 15th line unexpected matlab expression,can anyone help

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% create image
A = rgb2gray(imread('C:\Users\HP\Desktop\steg\image.png'));
% shearlet transform
[ST,Psi] = shearletTransformSpect(A);
% inverse shearlet transform
C = inverseShearletTransformSpect(ST,Psi);
% plot results
subplot(2,2,1) imagesc('A') axis image off colormap(gray) title('original image')
subplot(2,2,2) imagesc(abs(ST(:,:,18))) axis image off colormap(gray) title('shearlet coefficients')
subplot(2,2,3) imagesc(Psi(:,:,18)) axis image off colormap(gray) title('shearlet')
subplot(2,2,4) imagesc(C) axis image off colormap(gray) title('reconstructed image')

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Star Strider
Star Strider on 4 Mar 2018
Try this instead:

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