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TriRep class - edge constraints 3D Delaunay Triangulation

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Romain W
Romain W on 18 May 2012
Commented: Anoop on 29 Oct 2013
Hello everyone,
I have a 3D TriRep triangualtion imported within Matlab from an .stl file and created using:
tr = TriRep(f,v(:,1),v(:,2),v(:,3));
% original triangulation in face-vertex format f & v
I want to use a constrained DelaunayTri to perform a spatial search within my triangulation. As indicated in the spatial searching help, I need to use the previous triangulation tr to find all edges in the triangulation using:
Cedges = edges(tr); % does it work for 3D triangulation?
and then I was thinking to generate the Delaunay Triangulation simply using the following function:
dt = DelaunayTri(v,Cedges);
Is there any possibility to generate an edge constrained DelaunayTri sub-class in 3D from a TriRep? I do not want to implement the brute force that was proposed as a workaround for spatial searching since I have a high-number of triangles and need a faster approach.
Thank you for your help,


Romain W
Romain W on 18 May 2012
the reason is that I would like to use the Matlab built-in routines (methods) peculiar to the DelaunayTri sub-class
Anoop on 29 Oct 2013
@Romain W, Were you able to find the solution for your problem. I am also stuck in the same situation and looking for a solution.

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