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Can we obtain a tif image of the view obtained using Volume Viewer App?

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EASHAN SAIKIA on 12 Mar 2018
Edited: Gal Porat on 16 Jan 2020
I am using the Volume Viewer App to get a 3D volume from a stack of CT images and I am getting good visualizations in the App. But I cant find any option to save the view apart from a screenshot. Can anyone suggest a way to export tif/jpg images of the 3D volume?


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Gal Porat
Gal Porat on 4 Dec 2019
Edited: Gal Porat on 16 Jan 2020
After opening and making the desired configuration in the Volume Viewer application, click on "Export" (the rightmost button on the toolbar) to save what you did.
Now just go to the command window and type:
That is assuming, for example, that the volume is called "Volume_Variable" in your current workspace and that the configuration you exported is called "config".
The function "volshow" will open a figure with the volume specified and the configuration you created beforehand. From here, exporting the figure to any format is rather straightforward - just click on the save button and choose whatever format you'd like.
Edit: The "Export" button in the volume viewer application was only introduced in Matlab R2019b.


Nate Yang
Nate Yang on 16 Jan 2020
I'm using R2019a and there is no "Export" button in my volume viewer. Is this an issue of Matlab version?Capture.PNG
Gal Porat
Gal Porat on 16 Jan 2020
Unfortunately yes, my Matlab version is R2019b. It is probably an update of that version.

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