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help me with decoding of original image using inverse shearlet transform?

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ponnu kunnath
ponnu kunnath on 12 Mar 2018
clear; %%settings sigma = 30; scales = 4; thresholdingFactor = 3; X = imread('C:\Users\HP\Desktop\miniproject\ii.jpg'); X=rgb2gray(X); X = double(X); shearletSystem = SLgetShearletSystem2D(0,size(X,1),size(X,2),scales); fprintf('decomposition, thresholding and reconstruction... '); %%decomposition coeffs = SLsheardec2D(X,shearletSystem); %%thresholding coeffs = coeffs.*(abs(coeffs) >thresholdingFactor*reshape(repmat(shearletSystem.RMS,[size(X,1)*size(X,2) 1]),[size(X,1),size(X,2),length(shearletSystem.RMS)])*sigma); %%reconstruction Xrec = SLshearrec2D(coeffs,shearletSystem); figure; colormap gray; subplot(1,3,1); imagesc(X); title('original image'); axis image; subplot(1,3,2); imagesc(Xrec); title(['transformed image']); axis image; y=SLsheardec2D(Xrec,shearletSystem); subplot(1,3,3); imagesc(y); title('original image');
error is coming like this image CData must be an m-by-n-by-3 or m-by-n matrix.
Error in imagesc (line 18) hh = image(varargin{1},'CDataMapping','scaled');

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