IQFeed: plot return from array of cells?

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Andy on 15 Mar 2018
Answered: Yair Altman on 12 Jan 2020
Hi, Just testing the IQFeed API and glad to see some examples on the docs. However, I can see following:
1) goog = history(c,'GOOG',{startdate,enddate}, 'Daily');
returns an error ... actually it's only the command [history(c,'GOOG',{startdate,enddate}, 'Daily');] that can run, which returns a workspace variable of: IQFeedHistoryData. It's counter intuitive not to be able to assign a variable to the history return.
2) Looking at IQFeedHistoryData variable ... it's a table of cells ... of char elements ... what's the best / easiest / recommended way to pull out data from this variable and ... say plot it?

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Andy on 16 Mar 2018
Right ... many issues with using the IQFeed API ... such as:
1) Examples from the DOCs not working: Trial>> timeseries(c,sec,{fromdate,todate}) Trial>> history(c,s,{startdate,enddate},'Daily');
2) Some strange errors: Trial>> close(c) Warning: Error occurred while executing delegate callback: Message: Cannot access a disposed object.
Object name: 'System.Net.Sockets.Socket'. Source: System HelpLink: Trial>>
3) IQFeedTimeseriesData not popping up at all ...
Not pointing towards this API necessarily but: 4) The same DTN IQFeed Eval account works well in Multicharts / any other tool IQFeed capable.
Is there a way to check where the problem is?

Chris on 8 Dec 2018
Any update on this or same problems?

Yair Altman
Yair Altman on 12 Jan 2020
I believe that the DataFeed toolbox functions only store data in base workspace variables, from which you need to fetch them after some time. The toolbox does not provide a mechanism for a direct synchronous (blocking) assignment of the IQFeed data into a local Matlab variable. You need to use some sort of a timer to periodically check whether the data has arrived in the base workspace, and ensure that it is complete (and not partial).
As an alternative, consider using my IQML (IQFeed-Matlab) connector. IQML enables both synchronous (blocking) and asynchronous (background) queries, that are fetched either serially or in parallel (using the Matlab Parallel Computing Toolbox). A simple usage example:
>> data = IQML('history', 'symbol','AAPL', 'dataType','ticks')
data =
100×1 struct array with fields:
>> data(end)
ans =
Symbol: 'AAPL'
Timestamp: '2019-10-04 09:45:03.862626'
Datenum: 737702.406294699
Last: 224.67
LastSize: 100
TotalVolume: 5226196
Bid: 224.66
Ask: 224.68
TickID: 7432
BasisForLast: 'C'
TradeMarketCenter: 19
TradeConditions: '01'
TradeAggressorCode: 0
DayOfMonth: 4
BasisDescription: 'Last qualified trade'
TradeMarketName: 'Nasdaq Trade Reporting Facility (NTRF)'
TradeDescription: 'Normal Trade'
AggressorDescription: 'Unknown/unsupported'
IQML was developed with top performance, reliability and usability in mind. IQML supports 100% of IQFeed's API functionality. It is fully documented, continuously maintained/improved, and I am happy to provide support.
Note: I am an independent software developer and not a MathWorks employee. Don't get angry at me for bringing an independent alternative to the table...


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