slicing 3D stl file to 2D series of image

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sareh on 21 May 2012
Answered: Qinkai Yang on 8 Oct 2022
Dear all,
I have a 3D model in the format of .stl and I would like to slice it in z direction into cross sections with format of image(any format), I have searched alot to use different softwares but it is not useful in my case,I appreciate any idea Regards Saréh
Karoline Neumann
Karoline Neumann on 18 Aug 2017
I need a similar thing. Only I'm not interested in the image, but the cross section areas.

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Answers (4)

Dang Le Van
Dang Le Van on 6 Jul 2016
You can use SLICE command in Netfabb software!

Sleh Eddine Brika
Sleh Eddine Brika on 1 Nov 2016

Sailesh Sidhwani
Sailesh Sidhwani on 19 Oct 2019
Edited: Sailesh Sidhwani on 19 Oct 2019
Check out these new viewers that are added to Image Processing Toolbox in R2019b:

Qinkai Yang
Qinkai Yang on 8 Oct 2022
you may need to look at plane-line intersection algorism. The inersection points between each triangle's edge and a slice plane are the data point of your sliced corss-section. Changing the Z-cordinate of your slice plane, repeat the intersection, you would then get a series of slices (2D series of image)


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