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Error using cell2mat (line 52) CELL2MAT does not support cell arrays containing cell arrays or objects.

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cgenes on 21 Mar 2018
Commented: cgenes on 21 Mar 2018
HI I have a cell array {4000x1 cell, 5000x1 cell} containing strings 'nameA', 'nameB' - I want to concatenate them into 1 long character array - cell2mat does the trick if the cells are numbers - but what do you use if you have strings as in my case? thanks

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Birdman on 21 Mar 2018
cgenes on 21 Mar 2018
Hi all thanks for all your help -
in fact I had character arrays and I was using vertcat() - but it was somehow scrambling the arrays - and turning them all into numbers
anyway i've got a good hack now so works fine
thanks again

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