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Simulink terrain query for driving?

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Does Matlab or Simulink have a way to represent a race track or driving surface or road with left- and right-side edges?

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Marc Compere
Marc Compere on 27 Apr 2018
Hello Veer,
Thank you for your suggestions. I didn't really find a suitable terrain database generation or terrain query tool for plain vanilla Matlab and Simulink.
So, I put a simple approach together and posted it here:
Your first idea for image analysis is good and included in the terrain processing script, process_track.m.
This is one part of achieving a lap time simulation.

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Veer Alakshendra
Veer Alakshendra on 22 Mar 2018
Here are few approaches which can help you represent a race track in MATLAB/ Simulink:
Sebastian Castro
Sebastian Castro on 22 Mar 2018
There is also the new Driving Scenario Designer in Autonomous Driving System Toolbox. (In R2017a/R2017b, you can still do this with code).
While this is designed to put objects on a scene and simulate vision detections, it might still be helpful as a built-in visualization of a road profile.
- Sebastian
Sheng on 12 Jan 2019
Do you know how to use Driving Scenario Designer in simulink? I know It's an APP in matlab and successfully follow the tutorial demo, but I want to use it in Simulink and don't find a module named it in Simulink. My goal is to pass its generated data to ROS and My version is R2018b. Could you give me some suggestions? Thanks in advance.

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