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Matlab figure(s) suppression not working

Asked by Preetham Manjunatha on 3 Apr 2018
Latest activity Edited by Preetham Manjunatha on 3 Apr 2018
I have some issue suppressing the figure(s) in Matlab. I referred to these solutions Figure suppression 1 and Figure suppression 2.
I am using Matlab 2017b. First, I used both commands at the top of my main.m file:
set(groot, 'DefaultFigureVisible', 'off');
set(0, 'DefaultFigureVisible', 'off');
But, no help. Figures are still showing up while running the main. Please note that I have figure(s) callback inside few functions. In addition, I have a waitbar command running. While starting in cmd, if I use:
matlab -noFigureWindows
Figures including the Waitbar are not displayed. Is there any way I can only suppress the figure(s) running in a loop?


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