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uitable i don't know how to say it see the body

Asked by martccd
on 9 Apr 2018
my simple code [fn,pn,FILTERINDEX]=uigetfile({'*.txt';'*.dat';'*.*'},'选择数据文件'); if(FILTERINDEX==0) return; end fid=fopen(strcat(pn,fn),'rt'); if(fid==-1) errordlg('Open file error!','Open error'); return; end M=fscanf(fid,'%f',1000); a=size(M,1); X=reshape(M,3,[]); kko=X' num = num2cell(kko); set(handles.uitable1,'Data',num) the data -1862496.743 4560938.417 4039628.673 -1886207.334 4551371.477 4039052.369 -1867656.750 4563371.248 4034511.105 the uitable show in the picture i want to show initial data in uitable like -1867656.750 </matlabcentral/answers/uploaded_files/112248/QQ%E6%88%AA%E5%9B%BE20180408211043.png>


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