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Is there an equivalent of "mock functions" for linked atomic subcharts?

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In code testing, it is fairly common to create mock alternatives for functions used by the code under test. This allows one to control the outputs of functions called by the code under test. Is there a similar alternative for linked atomic subcharts used in a stateflow chart under test? I wish to write high level tests using simulink test for my stateflow chart that does not depend on the logic contained in the linked atomic subcharts. So I am looking for some functionality that would perhaps replace the linked atomic subcharts with a dummy atomic subchart just for this test.

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Anmol Pradeep Bhargava
Anmol Pradeep Bhargava on 4 May 2018
Hi Vivek,
There isn't a functionality to stub out the linked atomic subchart. As a possible work around, you can create a separate library and link to it.

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