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Deep Learning - Data no longer exists on the device

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I got the following error when trying to implement a deep learning NN in MATLAB.
Error using trainNetwork (line 154) The data no longer exists on the device.
Caused by:
Error using nnet.internal.cnngpu.batchNormalizationForwardTrain
The data no longer exists on the device.
Any suggestions?

Answers (2)

Joss Knight
Joss Knight on 15 Apr 2018
This would happen if you are resetting the device or switching device using reset or gpuDevice. Perhaps you have a custom layer which is innocuously calling gpuDevice(1); this is resetting the device and invalidating all GPU data.
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 6 Nov 2019
cui comments to Joss Knight:
thank you! my network is running out of GPU memory!

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Alvaro Lopez Anaya
Alvaro Lopez Anaya on 7 Nov 2019
In my case, I had similar problems, despite of the fact that I have a gtx1080Ti.
As Joss said, reducing the MiniBatchSize solved my problem. It's all about the training options.

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