How to use 'Sensitivity analysis of simulink after transferring the model from 'Dymola-2018' using FMI kit for simulink 2.0

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ADNAN MUNTASEER on 26 Apr 2018
Answered: Christian Bertsch on 15 Jun 2019
I want to perform sensitivity Analysis of my model which I have exported from 'Dymola software' by using 'FMI kit for Simulink 2.0'. Now, I can see my model as well as the variables in Simulink. But when I am using the 'Senstivity analysis' tool in Simulink, the paremeters are not showing inside there. I have attached some of the screenshots along with this questions.Can anyone give some suggestions regarding this issue

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Christian Bertsch
Christian Bertsch on 15 Jun 2019
Starting from ML/SL 2017b you could also use native FMU import from Mathworks using the FMU block from "Simulink extras".
I think the problem is, that FMI-Kit uses a differnt mask. You could try entering workspace variables in the "variables" tab of the FMI-Kit block and see if they can be accessd with the sensitivity analysis toolbx.

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