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a correct format for WithinModel Reapeated Measure ANOVA

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Hanieh BME
Hanieh BME on 27 Apr 2018
Edited: Hanieh BME on 27 Apr 2018
I Have 3 groups of individuals (young, middle-aged, old), in each group n=10, and in total 30 individuals. In each person, I had two measures of X and Y, measured in two different status of "before walking (repeated two times block 1 and 2)" and "after walking ( repeated two times in block 1 and 2). Therefore I have a model of
3(groups)x2(main measure of X and Y)x 2 ( status of before walking, after walking)x2 ( block 1 and 2)
The associated table of data has a row as mentioned respectively below:
column1: group name (young, middle, old)
column 2: X_before_waking_B1
column 3: X_before_waking_B2
column 4: X_aftr_waking_B1
column 5: X_aftr_waking_B2
column 6: Y_before_waking_B1
column 7: Y_before_waking_B2
column 8: Y_aftr_waking_B1
column 9: Y_aftr_waking_B2
I made a table of this data and fed it the command below:
rm = fitrm(between,'y2-y9~(Groups)','WithinDesign',[2:9]','WithinModel','orthogonalcontrasts');
ranovatbl = ranova(rm)
However, I would like to have a proper "within-model" which answers the questions below:
1)is there any significant difference between Before_walk and after_Walks in within each group? for example young after walk versus old after a walk and so on
2) within each group is there any significant difference between block1 and block 2?
I need to write a proper "within" model but MATLAB documentation about writing within Model is not well written and I could not proceed and learn how to do it.
Any help will be highly appreciated.


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