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fitting a 2D curve

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Lns K
Lns K on 27 Apr 2018
How can fit this surface , the GUI cftool can not give a results with a a center parameters value should be near to
those coordinates (xc,yc)=(78.0000, 95.5000),
% % clc, % % clear all, % % close all, x=-10:0.1:10; y=-10:0.1:10; sigx=1;sigy=1; r=0.6; xc=2;yc=3; [x,y]=meshgrid(x,y); z=(1/(2*sigx*sigy)).*exp(-((0.5/(1-r^2))*((abs((x-xc)./sigx)).^2+(abs((y-yc)./sigy)).^2-2*(r/(sigx*sigy)).*(x-xc).*(y-yc))).^8); figure(1),surf(x,y,z)


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