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Has anyone ever applied cook's distance method on fisheriris/wine/glass or similar datasets for outlier detection? Did it work? How?

Asked by Divyashree on 2 May 2018
Latest activity Commented on by William Mueller on 18 May 2018
load fisheriris; X = double(meas(:, 2:4)); y = meas(:,1); mdl = fitlm(X,y); k=mdl.Diagnostics.CooksDistance; find((mdl.Diagnostics.CooksDistance)>3*mean(mdl.Diagnostics.CooksDistance));

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There’s an application in econometrics here:

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1 Answer

Answer by Bernhard Suhm on 18 May 2018

You can find an example for using Cook's (and related) distances to pick out unusual years in the financial history here. Not sure how much that'll help you with your project.


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