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Is it possible continue a simulation from one point intermediate?

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Hello dear Ms,I want to ask you the following question, is it possible continue a simulation from one point intermediate?. Let me explain my issue, in my case my PC turned off when my simulation was running near to 60 %, but my prior intention was finish it, it is supposed that I need it get the end at 100 %, is there a way to re-runn continue that the simulation in order to complete it?. I mean, I'd like to re-run for completing the 40 % that left. My motivation to do the above menctioned, is because my simulation takes more than one week to be done. It lasts too much time for finish the experiments. Do anyone knows how to do it in simulink simpowersystem? Sincerely,
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Tony Castillo
Tony Castillo on 7 May 2018
This seems be the answer:

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lokender Rawat
lokender Rawat on 8 May 2018
Yes, you can refer the below link to find how to go about that:
But kindly read the "Restore SimState" and "Limitations of SimState" section of the document link carefully. You will have to figure it out on your end as what parameters/initial conditions/final output values etc. you want to store in 'simstate' variable. You can then load these variables and start the next simulation cycle as desired.

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